20th July 2020

How to impress a mum mate based on her star sign 

Some people collect stamps. Others, teapots. Others prefer to make sure they have a full complement of friends of all signs of the zodiac to tend to their needs… right? If you’d like to collect the full set to mix up and maximise your mum life, here’s how to win them over… 


To befriend an outdoorsy and competitive Aries, suggest an outing to the local park for some intense buggy boot camp action. They’ll barge to the front… if they’re not the one actually leading the class.     


A lover of the finer things in life, as well as being a big fan of home comforts, your future Taurean BFF would be delighted if you invited them over for the nicest wine the corner shop has to offer. Babies on floor, glasses in hands, perfection.  


This culture vulture is desperately pining for the rich and varied social life they led pre-kids… suggest a meet-up at baby cinema and you can block out the screaming and bond over the latest releases.


It’s all about the playdates for your homebody Cancerian mum mate, so suggest popping over with a takeaway and you could find yourself with a friend for life.


Never mind the babies, your Leo pal wants to get dressed up and get out after dark, even if it’s more “20 minutes on the breast pump, quick coat of mascara and two G&Ts” these days. 


Health-conscious, organised Virgo likes to keep on top of things – heading to a baby first aid class or weaning workshop together will have them feeling clued-up and prepared, just how they like it. That’s if they haven’t been already before they were even pregnant… 


Your Libran lady love might be feeling starved of intellectual stimulation post-kids, so chucking the babies in slings and checking out a local art exhibition will win them over. 


Intense Scorpio loves one on one conversation with maximum eye contact – easier said than done with babies around – so head to a quiet pub, pray that the little ones coordinate their naps and get stuck into some proper good chat. 


Adventurous Sag loves trying new things, so dig deep into your local listings to find something new: bring your baby comedy? Mum and baby karaoke? She’ll love you forever. 


Your Capricorn mate is pretty chilled, really, so keep it simple – coffee at a local cafe, a walk with the buggies around the park… don’t stress them out by making it complicated.


Aquarians get a thrill from showing off their humanitarian side, so how about rallying together to take unwanted baby clothes and toys to a charity, or volunteering to help out with the tea and biscuits at a local mum and baby group? 


It’s a little obvious, but introduce Pisces to their fellow fish at the local aquarium – also a great environment for babies, being all dark and stimulating – and then bond in the coffee shop afterwards. Or the bar, if there is one… funnily enough, Pisceans drink like fish too. 

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