22nd August 2016

How to keep your sanity

A how-to that focusses on the mind rather than your actions. Revolutionary helpful stuff from Amy Ransom

Being a mum, new or otherwise, can be challenging and overwhelming. Some days it’s impossible to keep your cool, and that’s ok. But there are things us mums can do to keep our sanity. For me, it begins with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), the daily practice of changing the way we think and behave. Here are some principle techniques to help you have a happy, healthy mind.

Living in the moment

We rarely worry about what’s happening right this second. We tend to focus our anxiety on what may happen in the future. So if we stay in the moment, we only deal with what’s happening now, which is the only part of life we can control anyway.

Moments pass

‘This too shall pass’ is a popular mantra in motherhood. Think of a moment that challenged you. Did it last forever? Or minutes later, were you experiencing something else? Life is a series of moments, some good, some challenging. When we remember nothing lasts forever, we learn to tolerate the uncertainty of life. And motherhood. .

Challenging unhelpful thoughts

So often, what we believe to be true is based on a fantasy that our minds have made up from lots of unhelpful thoughts. ‘Thought challenging’ is thinking of a situation in a more helpful way. So if your baby isn’t sleeping, instead of reaching the catastrophic thought that, ‘Arggghhh, my baby is NEVER going to sleep! I can’t go on like this!’ you would instead challenge yourself to think about this differently. ‘OK, my baby isn’t sleeping today. But he’s only small. It won’t be like this forever. For now, we’ll just take it easy and watch a film.’


This one’s self-explanatory. Basically? You drink it.


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