8th April 2020

How to feel like you again

As you emerge from the newborn phase like a beautiful butterfly…

OK, maybe not a beautiful butterfly. Maybe a moth. Or just a slightly more functioning human. If you’re still in a newborn fog, and boy can it be relentless, now is the time to start trying to embrace the new normal and take a few steps to make you feel good about yourself… happy mum, happy baby and all that, innit.

Ditch your maternity clothes

You might not be back in your pre-baby jeans yet – or indeed ever if you’re anything like us – but, no matter how attached you are to the voluminous high-waisted knickers and stretchy tops of pregnancy, we’d recommended slowly but surely trying to dress like your old self again… or a whole new cool mum self who you haven’t quite finalised the details of yet. You could even sell your maternity gear and treat yourself to a couple of new bits instead.

Plan a holiday

We’re not saying now’s the time to drag your baby and 3 million bags on a long-haul flight, but scheduling in some quality family time somewhere other than your house and the park five minutes from your house will give you something to look forward to. Home from home is the key with little ones, so we’d always choose an Air BnB cottage or family-friendly apartment over a hotel.

Get cooking

If you’ve been living off freezer meals, takeaways and toast for the past few months, cooking some proper meals – or dropping some heavy hints to your partner that they might like to – will make you feel like you’ve totally got this. It’s around this age that many babies start going to bed at a more reasonable hour, giving you back the gift of evenings. Make the most of them.

Do a date night

You might not be ready to leave your little one with a babysitter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy spending some time with your partner. With a newborn and even an older baby, it can feel like you have to take it in turns to eat, shower, pop out, generally function, so carving out some time for you to actually enjoy the same thing together – a meal, a box set or even some…. whisper it…. S.E.X can remind you why you had babies together in the first place. Please note: you might want to use contraception…

See your mates

Again, you might not be ready for a big night out, but making plans with friends that involve something other than them fawning over the cuteness of your baby’s toes can make a huge difference to your happiness. Inviting them over for some wine or even just grabbing a weekend brunch or doing a gym class together – basically, whatever it is you used to enjoy doing with them, before you became someone’s mum – can truly transform a week of drudgery. Woohoo, you’re back!

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