17th June 2021

How to ace mum life…

There aren’t many compliments we can pay the pandemic but there’s one thing we’re glad about: loads of stuff that used to involve packing a changing bag, going out the front door, going back in the front door again because you’ve forgotten your phone, changing a badly-timed explosive nappy, finally going out the front door again and getting to your destination 17 minutes late… is now right there at your fingertips, no sweaty buggy dash required.   

Online learning was growing in popularity pre-Covid but now it’s properly booming, with loads of experts who previously did their thing out there in the real world hastily pivoting their businesses online, with excellent results – and it looks like it’s here to stay.

And this is exactly why two mums have just launched Discoco, the friendly face of online learning (named because disco is Latin for learn, who knew?). There are tons of bland, transactional course platforms out there and it can be hard to know which gurus and coaches to trust – so Discoco’s done the hard work for you by handpicking the best courses and workshops to enhance your life. And it just so happens, that as well as courses on everything from sex (remember that?) to hula-hooping (remember THAT?), there are a handful of brilliant courses specifically aimed at new mums. We’ve picked out a few you might like to try…

The one to get you some sleep

We know from the popularity of our many sleep-themed Mush virtual meetups that good sleep experts are megastars in mum world – but most of us can’t afford our very own sleep consultant. That’s where Tracey Stevenson’s lovely gentle sleep courses come in – she runs one to help encourage positive sleep habits in newborns, and one for slightly older babies who are being nighttime pickles. It’s got to be worth a try, right? Sending strength, solidarity… and maybe even sleep!

The one to take the stress out of mealtimes

If you’ve got a fussy toddler hurling sweet potato everywhere but their mouth or an older child who simply doesn’t appreciate your attempts at fine cuisine, you need Sarah Alder’s How To Feed Your Fussy Eater course. Sarah does 1:1s as well as group workshops, so it really depends just how unbearable those broccoli-based meltdowns are. 

The one for anyone struggling with the juggle

Mum guilt is THE WORST. Certified coach Karen Hudson knows that – which is why she’s made a whole course on tackling it, along with two others around dilemmas relating to motherhood, work, identity and all that other stuff that keeps you up at night that isn’t the baby itself. An excellent way to focus on you as a professional human, who happens to also be a mum.  

The one to get you ALL the Insta love

If your camera roll is full of selfies of you smushed up against your baby’s face while they gurn and drool, put the phone down now and invest in Charlotte Gray’s DIY Newborn Photography course. Dragging your baby and all their paraphernalia to a professional photoshoot (or inviting a snapper into your home only to find that your little darling is having none of it) can be pretty stressful, so learning a few skills from a professional is a lovely way to pass the time. You should end up with photos good enough to go on the wall of a gallery – even if it is the one up your mother in law’s staircase.

The one to stop you peeing yourself

We could have put it more delicately, but we’re all grown-ups here, right? Keeping your pelvic floor in a good state should be a big priority, whether you’re pregnant now or have already, er, come out the other side, as it were, but it can be hard to give it the attention it needs when you’re so distracted by all things baby. We promise, Susan Bradley’s pelvic floor course is £35 well spent. And we bet you’re giving it a good clench now we’ve mentioned it… 

All of these great courses and many more can be found on Discoco.co.uk, who you can also follow on Instagram via @discoco_hq. And make sure you sign up to their newsletter for exclusive discount codes too!

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