10th May 2016

Hospital bag hacks

Lizzie Catt explains what 10 things you REALLY need to make a hospital birth so much better.

There are countless lists of hospital bag must-haves online – nappies, muslins, babygrows, little hats, but what do you really need?

1. Decent headphones and a wireless speaker

You may want to be in the zone listening a hypnobirthing script, you may feel like blasting out a bit of Daft Punk. Either way, you don’t want to be waiting for your turn on the hospital’s iffy old iPod dock.

2. Chargers for all your gadgets and gizmos

Because blasting out Daft Punk on a Bluetooth speaker runs your phone right down.

3. An array of snacks

Lucozade, baby food pouches, fruit, crisps, biscuits – you won’t know what you want til you want it, and you won’t want to wait.

4. Hairbands

Whatever you’d wear in your hair to work out.

5. A comfortable nursing bra, breastpads and easy-access tops

Getting thehang of breastfeeding is much easier if you can produce your boobs with ease and keep pads where they’re meant to be!

6. A decent camera

If you’re feeling brave, ask somebody to take photos of your labour so you can see what an absolute badass you were afterwards.

7. Water mist spray and a fan

Because postnatal wards are HOT!

8. Flip flops

Hospitals might be MRSA free these days, but communal bathrooms are still gross.

9. Trashy mags

Most hospitals have rubbish mobile reception and you might need something mindless to gawp at when the baby falls asleep, visitors have gone and you’re feeling a bit strung out.

10. Easy-on shoes!

Feet can swell up a bit after birth so bring shoes or boots you won’t have to struggle into when you’re dancing your way out of there.


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