1st April 2016

The hidden toys in your handbag

Left the house without the Nuby ring? From nappy hats and key rattles to muslin teethers and wallet-sorting fun, avoid the dreaded whinge with these genius hacks bought to you by Lizzie Catt.

1. The Nappy Hat

When a meltdown is brewing, the nappy hat is can save the day. Fish a nappy out of the change bag and wear it as a bonnet while cooing loudly about ‘mummy’s funny hat!’ The chic barista might think you’re a weirdo but the baby should find it hilarious.

2. The Key Rattle

Rattles are a poor substitute for what all babies truly covert – your keys. When you’ve left the toys at home, it’s time to give them what they really want, while praying that your house keys aren’t about to get dropped down a gap in the floorboards or lobbed out of the bus window.

3. Muslin Teethers

Not content with saving shoulders from spew, miraculous muslins can provide warmth and shade as well as standing in for change-mats, comforters or chew toys. If your baby is in a chompy phase but you have no teether or dummy, give them a clean muslin to work on. Dipped in ice water, they can even sooth sore little gums.

4. Purse Sorting

Allowing your child to gleefully extract your bank cards from your purse in the middle of a busy coffee shop is the only thing more anxiety-inducing than letting them play with your keys – but still better than full-blown screeching. Obviously don’t let them anywhere near the coins!

5. Smart Phones

Judgy strangers and data usage warnings be damned. They may be too young for telly but a few minutes of black and white baby stimulation YouTube videos on your phone should distract junior from an impending meltdown.

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