15th October 2019

“Help! I don’t know what to wear!”

Have you tried our Boost confidence course yet? You can check it out here, or by clicking on the Boost button at the bottom of the app. It’s your key to tackling any issues that you feel have held you back since you became a mum, from insecurities about your body to feeling jealous of other mums and struggling to communicate with your partner. And you only need a few minutes to yourself a week to get stuck into it at your own pace.

Mush’s Head of Content Isabel is making video diaries as she takes the course alongside you lot. Here’s her latest instalment, for our Making Friends With Who You See In The Mirror module, in which she talks about her body image since having kids and ponders why she’s still hanging onto a dress she got dumped in ten years ago… oh, and gets video-bombed by her four year old.

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