11th March 2022

Have you joined a Pod yet?

Mush pods are your ready-made mum gang with kids at the same stage. You’ll have so much in common you’ll be like peas in a pod.

We unite mums in pods for support, learning and fun. Pods are private messaging groups of approximately five mums matched by age of baby (or pregnancy) and location. You can also invite your own friends into smaller groups.

This is your private hub to make the most out of motherhood with women like you. Make lasting friendships, share experiences, help each other, meet in person, chat to experts together, get group offers, stay connected, supported and happy.

To join a pod, go to the middle You tab, and hit the button to request your Pod.

We will be processing the requests on a monthly basis, to allow as many people to sign up to the Pods as possible before we put you in the best groups. So stay tuned, and we will be sure to message you and email you when your pod is ready!

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