13th May 2016

Why it’s a good thing that your baby won’t sleep

Rebecca Cox tells us how to answer to all the smug mums whose babies have been sleeping through the night since 6 weeks in (SO happy for them).

You just don’t realise how brilliant sleep is until you’re not getting any, do you? All your friends’ babies have been sleeping through for weeks, while you’re still dutifully rising with a grumbling little one every three or four hours (or, let’s face it, often more). But don’t despair. It’s actually really GOOD news that your baby isn’t sleeping through. Really, it is. Allow us to elaborate…

  1. Frequent night wakes have actually been linked to higher intelligence and better mental health in later life. You’ve only gone and spawned the next Einstein. And he’ll be happy as Larry, too.
  2. Your baby is biologically programmed to wake at night so that they’ll get your undivided attention, as there are fewer distractions. Lucky you! Extra time with baby when pesky This Morning isn’t on the telly box to distract you.
  3. If you’re breastfeeding, frequent night feeds help keep your supplies up. What a helpful little mite you’ve got there. No pumping for you.
  4. Your wonderful little cherub is teaching your body how to survive (just) on hardly any sleep. Just think, when they finally do start sleeping through the night, you’ll have learned to survive on just three hours a night and can use all that extra time to write a book, cure cancer, learn to knit or something equally rewarding. Not sleeping – you won’t go back to sleeping all night. Probably.
  5. Sleep is for the weak. Your baby is an absolute trooper.
  6. And so are you. Stay strong.

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