29th August 2017

Get paid to love Mush

Everything you need to know about the Mush Mum Marketing Massive – and how you can apply…

Mush is made by mums, for mums – which is why the best way to spread the word about the app is with real, walking, talking, yawning mums themselves.

Earlier this year, as a little experiment, we launched our first ever “Mush mum marketing massive” (aka “The 4Ms”),  a gang of Mush users dotted around the country, who were tasked for five weeks with promoting the app via posters, flyers, social media, local press – and simply by chatting to real mums and organising a big old meet-up at the end of it all.

It’s been an overwhelming success, and we’re now seeking our fifth bunch of marketing mums *only in the UK, sorry*! Not only are you doing other mums a huge favour (for a fee! Yep, it’s a paid programme), but mums who’ve taken part before say it’s been a huge boost for them too. Here are a few nice things our previous 4Ms have said:

It’s been good to use my brain a bit more and also forced me to get out and meet other mums.” Lia, Hampshire

Thank you so much for the amazing experience with Mush. I’ve loved it and have made friends and helped others too. The messages I’m still receiving from local mums speaks volumes, Mush is really helping so many people.” Stephanie, Essex

I’ll never forget the first postcard I handed out to a mum walking down the street – she looked so happy to be spoken to and gave me the loveliest smile. Motherhood can sometimes be lonely and all it takes is a small gesture to brighten up your day.” Kim, Hampshire

“Doing this Mush stuff over the past few months has helped me keep my focus on events (which is what I do for a job) and given me a purpose other than being a mama. You really don’t know the difference you’ve made!” Holly-Lucy, Sheffield

If you’d like to be part of the next Mush Mum Marketing Massive, you can apply here. The programme kicks off on 25 September and lasts for five weeks. We’re looking for mums all over the country so if you’ve applied before but didn’t make the final cut, we’d love to hear from you again.

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