25th May 2016

Get out of the house!

Climbing the walls but got no place to go? Lizzie Catt has ideas…

As lovely as it is having time away from the office, staying at home with a baby while everyone else is working can get a little dull. If you fancy a weekday jaunt with the baby but can’t think of a decent reason to put your shoes on, here’s some inspiration.

Playground hunt

Local playgrounds may have slipped under your radar til now, because, well, you’re a grown-up. But even if your baby is too little for swings, playgrounds are going to be very handy soon so get out there and find the best one in the ‘hood. Checklist: lots of baby swings, toddler-sized climbing frames and little slides, not too many death-drops. Bonus points for splash pools, sand pits, parking and coffee shops.

Postbox PB

If you’re keen to get moving, set some neighbourhood personal bests. Thrashing your fastest time to the post box as you deliver batches of thank you cards is weirdly satisfying. The buggy Olympics beckon.

Charity shop bargain hunt

Maternity leave economics don’t mix well with shopping sprees, but if you’ve got a couple of hours to kill, hit up the local charity shops. Find one with a good baby section and you’ll be quids in.

Or… charity shop declutter

Attempts at minimalism will have been abandoned when your baby and all their STUFF landed in your house. Finding time for a big declutter is hard, but dropping off a few bits and bobs to the charity shop on a regular basis gives you a good reason to get out, and will stop you disappearing behind a mountain of too-tiny sleepsuits.

Go on a carb-finding mission

There is no finer reason for leaving the house than to pick up a fresh loaf of bread. Or a cream horn. Or some lovely jammy donuts. Or all of these things. Then go home, take your shoes off again, and eat them.


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