18th February 2021

Four secret household mum hacks

Shhh, don’t tell everyone…

It’s probably not a huge shock to discover that, when you become a new parent, your household chores increase dramatically, while the spare time you have to do them evaporates before your very eye bags. It’s not just the baby wreaking havoc with their mess-making ways, it’s the fact that you’re suddenly at home a whole lot more – admittedly something we’ve all got used to lately – and there’s no friendly office cleaner to discreetly whisk away your empties.

But we’re going to let you in on a secret – some of the household appliances you take for granted and may, at times, feel chained to actually have hidden powers and can make your mum-life easier in ways you might not have imagined. With a bit of help from our friends at AO please allow us to explain…

The big old sleep aid you already own

Many of us make pricey late night purchases when we’re at our wit’s end with baby sleep (or lack of). And many of those purchases involve white noises in various guises (OK, mainly sheep). But wait! The best white noise machine of all is already sitting in your kitchen – or utility room, if you’re well fancy – merrily going about its business.

Yes, we are referring to the humble washing machine or washer-dryer. Plonking your baby’s moses basket or buggy next to it while you attend to urgent duties (eating/staring at tiktok/going for a wee in peace) is a great way of taking advantage of what’s already going on in your home, possibly multiple times a day. Plus, as your baby becomes more alert, they might also enjoy watching it in action too – who needs a trip to the aquarium when you can watch mummy’s giant maternity pants hypnotically spinning round and round?

If you’re in the market for a new model, we’d recommend these Hotpoint models that go up to a whopping 10kg capacity and they are so hygienic that they are endorsed by Allergy UK due to them injecting steam directly into the drum at the end of the cycle, removing 99.9% of the most common bacteria. Plus there are over 20 Hotpoint models that have a quick wash feature so you can quickly get sorted when you have missed their favourite cuddly toy (or your comfiest bra) from the main wash.

The magic toy cleaner

Babies: cute. Babies: also gross. They put everything in their mouths, they wee (or worse) in the bath and, once weaning begins, they get food everywhere. But guess what? A dishwasher isn’t just for cleaning up the 19 coffee cups you now get through every day – it also does a great job of sanitising the various things your baby has compromised.

Shoving in plastic toys and teething aids with your pots and pans is a great habit to get into, plus that gross black gunk that accumulates on bath toys won’t stand a chance against Hotpoint’s sanitising option. Plus it’s good for some bigger, even filthier items too – if you make sure you buy a highchair that comes apart, you should be able to squeeze the tray in. Confession: some of us may also have occasionally used it to clean the potty too (what do you mean you don’t want to pop round for a cuppa when it’s allowed?).

The boob-chiller and tooth-soother

Remember your pre-baby days when your freezer only contained a bottle of vodka, a tub of moderately priced ice cream and some ancient emergency oven chips? Now all sorts of delights might well lurk inside – stacks of breast milk bags, if you’re pumping, and even bigger stacks of ready meals and frozen pizzas, because life with a new baby is too short for home-cooked meals every night.

But there are a few other items you might want to make space for as your baby grows. In the early days, if you’re breastfeeding and suffering from sore boobs, we’d highly recommend chilling your breast pads or maternity bra for a few minutes for a bit of respite. And as your baby gets bigger and starts sprouting teeth, popping their teething aids in is a great trick too. You can even make your own teething ice lollies out of breast milk and formula… just make sure nobody else in the household mistakes them for Mini Milks.

With all this in mind, it might be time for a fridge-freezer upgrade – these Hotpoint models feature Active Oxygen technology which prevents bacteria growth by up to 90%**, which will also give you peace of mind when weaning starts (want another tip? You can freeze eeny-weeny baby-sized portions of veg purees in an ice cube tray, just defrosting when you need them. Cool huh? Literally).

**ISO 9001-2001 certification. Tests performed by Sereco-Biotest Laboratory

The best hiding place in the house

The Hotpoint hygienic Fridge Freezers are not just for keeping food cool and fresh, they are for keeping you out of the way too. As your little one gets older and wiser, there will be times when you want a sneaky snack without them trying to snaffle it. Behind the fridge door is the perfect place to hide – you just look like you’re busy being a domestic goddess, when you’re actually inhaling a chocolate bar or three. You may also employ this technique when it comes to topping up your wine glass without anyone suspecting – we’re not judging.

This content is brought to you by AO on behalf of Hotpoint- the appliances that allow you to sit back, relax and let them do all the hard work! AO is the perfect partner to shop Hotpoint and all other home appliances thanks to its four-hour delivery slots and its 200,000 5 star reviews on Trust Pilot for their impeccable service. Shop Hotpoint Hygiene Appliances now at AO.com

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