1st April 2019

Four easy ways to be kind to other mums

And don’t forget to be kind to yourself too… 

Sometimes we’re so wrapped up in our own mini-dramas and so busy wading through life in a fog of sleep deprivation and baked bean sauce that we can totally fail to look outside our own bubble at what other mums are going through. So, we’re taking inspiration from a few every day mum heroes and vowing to do our bit to be a bit kinder every day. Read on to find out how you can too…

Don’t feel awkward about helping a mum in need

We are SO guilty of seeing other mums grappling with a squawking baby at the supermarket check-out while trying to pack their shopping, or fighting for space on the bus with a double buggy, and thinking “ooh, that looks stressful, rather them than me” before promptly forgetting about it. But that’s all of us sometimes and, while we know it’s not the philanthropic act of the century but, next time, we’re actually going to help them. It’s not even about karma, but just making someone else’s day a bit less fraught, even if we’ve simultaneously got our own toddler tantrums to deal with.

Make your mates feel good

All mums have good days and bad days, but when we’re on a relatively stress-free run, we’re going to make more effort to be nice to our mates for whom things aren’t going quite so smoothly, whether it’s treating them to a coffee or a glass of wine, or simply taking time out from our own plate-spinning to check in with them more often than usual.

Remember, your trash could be someone else’s treasure

As much as it can be deeply satisfying to sell that Bumbo you never used for a fiver on Facebook, we’re trying to get a bit more responsible with our decluttering. There are zillions of groups out there who can pass your unwanted bits and bobs on to mums who really need it – whether it’s a battered buggy that could be reconditioned or a bundle of babygros. Even when your little one whips through nappy sizes at an alarming rate, remember that most food banks will take any you didn’t get round to using.    

 Don’t forget to be kind to yourself too

 This all feels a bit “Springer’s final thought” but remember, your own well-being is of top-notch importance too. The words “happy mum, happy baby” get used an awful lot these days – and they can be hard to hear if you’re going through a rough patch – but there’s a lot to be said for going easy on yourself too. Remember, those random acts of kindness don’t just need to be directed at other people….

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