9th July 2018

Five Tips to Help Soothe Teething Babies (and five more to help their mums)

If you like a little drama and suspense in your life, you’ll LOVE teething! Ha, seriously, no you won’t, it’s rubbish. But fear not, there are ways to cope. The process usually kicks off at around three months but can start earlier or much later (you can always check in with your health visitor or dentist if you’re worried). When those little white bumps begin to appear, here are the coping mechanisms you’ll need for baby – and for you.

1. Gum Massage 

Your baby’s gums will be tender and sensitive, so try giving them a gentle massage with a clean finger. This helps reduce the pressure and provides a soothing feeling. For mums, a shoulder massage combined with plenty of praise should have a similar effect. Partners, you’re up.

2. Cool Water

Giving your baby cool water not only soothes their gums but it also helps with the excessive dribbling. Just make sure it’s not too cold. Unlike the mountain of ice cream you will have thoroughly earned by the end of the day. Hurrah!

3. Teething Gel

Ease pain by rubbing gel straight onto the gum with a clean finger or popping some onto a teether (your baby will naturally chew on the area causing them discomfort; easier than trying to land the gel on the right spot!). For mums, try putting some teething gel on your tongue. It won’t help much but it feels funny, might make you laugh and sometimes tastes like sambuca.

4. Chilled Teething Rings

These give your little one something to chomp on (other than the cat’s tail) while the coldness eases the discomfort on their gums. Try and get one with a good handle that won’t get too cold for them to hold. For mums, a chilled pinot grigio in front of the telly works wonders.

5. The Neckerchew

CheekyChompers.com make lovely attachable products to help teething babes (and mums too!) Their genius chewy dribble bib, the Neckerchew, neatly solves the problem of teethers getting lobbed out of the buggy, soaks up dribble and comes in loads of cool colours and patterns. Which brings us on to mums. If the baby has new neckwear, get yourself a spanking new scarf. Yes, it’ll end up being used as an emergency nappy mat, slide dryer or breastfeeding-in-front-of-your-great-uncle-at-a-wedding cover, but all the more reason to stock up on supplies…

Thanks to our friends at Cheeky Chompers, a company set up by two mums (sound familiar?) to solve the problem of teething products that didn’t cut the mustard, we have the most amazing hamper of goodies to give away to help you on your baby’s teething journey. To enter to win, please fill out the short questionnaire here.



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