19th April 2016

Five sure-fire ways to make your baby giggle

Mummy’s hilarious – who knew? by Lizzie Catt

While newborns are cute enough, nothing beats that first gummy little grin. Once those early weeks of sleeplessness have been rewarded with a smile, it becomes addictive – but what to do if your baby stares back, looking unimpressed? Master these tried and tested tricks to win a grin – also helpful for preventing supermarket meltdowns and making sure you get a photo of your darling one looking adorable instead of, well, a bit like Phil Mitchell.

Note: for maximum effect, use a silly high-pitched voice and liberal dose of ridiculous gurning.

Warning: You will be expected to repeat your baby’s favourite trick until you’re in need of a lie down in a dark room with a cold flannel on your face.

  1. The Boop Game

The application of your index finger to your baby’s nose with a cry of, ‘Boop!’ gets ‘em every time. Where’s your nose? Boop! Mother, you should be on the stage!

  1. The Bee Joke

The history of comedy is littered with classic one-liners, and ‘What does the bee say? Buzzzzz!’ is not one of them. However, babies find it weirdly hilarious.

  1. Peepo/peekaboo

You don’t need me to tell you about peepo, but you do need the incredible peepo hack: KEEP IT SHORT! Hide behind your hands saying, “Peeka…’ then pop out on, ‘Boo!’ Repeating, ‘Where’s Mummy gone? Peepo!’ gets real old, real quick.

  1. Whistling

Amaze, entertain and enthral by whistling the theme tune to The One Show. If you’ve really nailed it, add jazz hands.

  1. Try to do something else

Nothing will get a baby beaming at you with unbridled adoration like popping them in their bouncer for a bit so you can, ooh, treat yourself to some breakfast or have a nice wee.

Good luck!


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