16th August 2016

Five reasons your toddler is being vile

Amy Ransom gives some possible explanations to why your toddler is screaming in your face. Disclaimer: sometimes there is no reason.

The other week, my usually dream-boat toddler was VILE. I may have called him a s***bag and thought about adoption. Then, just as soon as it had started, it stopped. He started putting three words together, ‘Lolly gone home’ (referring to the ice cream man). And I was in love with him all over again. Why do I always forget about these developmental leaps? Here’s some of the reasons your toddler might be being vile.

A developmental leap

It must be growth hormones or something (if in doubt always blame hormones) but before every leap comes a grump. Or so it seems. So if your baby or toddler’s being downright mean for no apparent reason, take another look. Are they attempting to roll? Walk? Or trying to read War and Peace? Then cut them (and yourself) some slack and remember that this will pass. Meanwhile, there’s chocolate.

They’re coming down with something

We all get moody before we come down with something. Then, post-illness, we look back and make the connection. But if your toddler doesn’t have a temperature, runny nose, or any obvious signs, it’s really easy to miss this. The best solution? If your toddler’s up for a cuddle, now’s the time for a duvet day with Ben & Holly.

They’re thirsty

We’re totally aware of sleep, hunger and all the other things these small people need. But we aren’t always as aware of thirst. My toddler gets SO grumpy if he’s thirsty. A beaker of water later, he’s as right as rain. I’m the same (except mine’s a gin).


What would we do without teething? If you can’t find any other reason why your toddler’s being vile, it’s best to blame the teeth. I mean, what’s the alternative? Facing the fact that actually, your toddler might just be a bit of a s***bag? Nah, it’s definitely the teeth.


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