4th March 2020

First foods ranked by how hard they are to scrub off your kitchen floor

It’s an important consideration when you’re embarking on your weaning journey…

Cooked chicken

We’re not talking Nandos here – even the most adventurous BLWer probably hasn’t cracked open the peri peri sauce for their little one at this stage –  but bog standard cooked chicken, maybe prepared by your loving hands, or maybe straight from a convenience store packet. If it gets hurled at speed from the highchair, no scrubbing is required… especially if you have a pet.

Green beans

Long, lean and clean, the green bean is a great one for your baby to clamp in their chubby fist… before realising it’s not nearly as yummy as strawberries and then do a targeted mic drop. No stress though, it’s probably unscathed enough for you to shove in a grown-up stir-fry later.

Broccoli spears 

If your baby likes the finer things in life, Tenderstem broccoli will be a big hit – excellently grippable, almost like it’s made for baby hands. Bog standard broccoli is perfectly fine too, albeit a little trickier to manoeuvre… which is why it might well slip from their grasp and end up on the floor before collapsing in a hard to shift dot formation.


A discarded hunk of dry bread is no big deal, give or take the odd crumb. Bread that has been partially digested and discarded, however, is a gross pulpy mess.

Fruit pouches

Tempting as it is to just hand the baby the pouch to gleefully suck away at, this is asking for trouble at this early stage in the game. It will all end up on the floor (and in their hair) and you will end up with a smeary mess which you’ll just move around with a cloth as opposed to actually cleaning.


As above, only smells grosser when dried up.

Mashed up carrot/sweet potato/general root veg

So healthy, so nutritious, so perfect for developing taste buds, and yet so curiously hard to clean up unless tackled within seconds of landing.

The berry family

Whole berries, whether strawbs, raspbs or bluebs, look so neat and perfect, with their smooth curves and bright colours. Even sliced up, they’re quite pretty… until, that is, they go splat on the floor and resemble a crime scene.

Banana in any form

A great first food – it tastes nice and is easy for your baby to eat, whether mashed for traditional weaners or in its pure, weirdly shaped form for BLWers. However, it is a stringy, smeary bugger of a thing to clear up. Never mind your floor, banana stains on clothes can be impossible to shift. We’d recommend either a fully body bib or complete nudity, for both you and the baby (maybe not in Costa though).

Baby rice/porridge/Weetabix

Oh, is that the early stages of a kitchen extension you’ve got going on there? No, that cement-like substance is the cereal that looked so harmless. Have an industrial-strength scourer on hand before you start.

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