Babies turn our brains to mush (geddit?) We are unable to focus on anything but babies for a really long time. And that’s ok. Find peace with that and wait for the renaissance, says Amy Ransom…

Losing your identity when you become a mum is one of the things that petrifies most women. We’ve had careers. We’ve had mojitos. We’ve had nice shoes. And it’s true that amidst the nurturing, sleep-deprivation and general brain fog, it’s hard to remember who you once were BC (before children).

The first thing to remember is you haven’t gone ANYWHERE. OK, maybe at the moment you’re a dark shadow of your former self, but you’re still in there, all 100% of you, just waiting to emerge from the Baby Bubble (when the time’s right). The second thing to remember is that Mother Nature has a plan for you right now. And that plan is to keep your baby alive, which is why she makes it pretty damn hard for your mind to focus on anything other than your baby. I always find I’m a bit vacant until my babies turn two and then I seem to emerge. Less like a butterfly and more like a dusty old moth, but still, emerge I do in some shape and form.

And if the world of social media has shown us anything, it’s that mums are a powerful force. In fact, I reckon we could teach Yoda a thing or too with our wisdom and resourcefulness. The need to find flexible working situations and use our minds again leads women to all sorts of creative solutions. We have ideas. We cultivate them. Some of us even turn them into successful businesses that enable us to pursue the dream – that elusive work/life balance.

So don’t sweat it right now. I know some days it’s hard to remember your name. But have faith in yourself. Because when that Baby Bubble bursts (and burst it will), you will still be there. Wonderful, resourceful, unique YOU.


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