We ALL have them. THOSE days. The days when, very early on, it occurs to you that today may not be your day and stuff is just not going to go your way. Sarah Cawood gives us some tips on how to turn it round.

I can’t deny I love a good wallow as much as the next mummy hippo, but recently, I’ve also been compiling some foolproof ways of finding my happy place again too. These are definitely worth sharing with you for those seriously painful days……

Right, this one is ridiculous but it WORKS! In the Far East it is apparently a kind of yoga and although I’m no yogi, who doesn’t love an excuse to lift your mood and have a belly laugh so here’s what to do… Go to the nearest (private) mirror. Fake a smile. Then fake a laugh. And another one. Go on, and again. Yup, there you go, by the 4th faker, you’ll be doing it for real; if only because you look SO RIDICULOUS! It properly makes you cheery so park the embarrassment and do some fake laughing therapy:-).

Get your bake on. There is something so, SO mellow and zen about baking. You only have to see the ratings for The Great British Bake Off to see that us Brits love baking a batch of bliss.  This one can be done with or without kids but without the rugrats is one of my truly happy places.  What’s NOT joyful about licking batter out of the bowl and watching your best banana bread rise?  My sister-in-law likes to bake when she’s down too but she bakes bread: so she can pound the bread when she’s kneading it. She claims it’s an amazing stress buster. I’m trying that one next….

Music. The basis for all kinds of therapy. Whatever floats your disco boat, then Get. It. On.  I was completely obsessed by music before I had kids and I think sometimes it’s easy to forget those passions when your real, living, breathing, mini-passions come along but if you’re having a bad day, stick on your favourite tunes and dance around the kitchen. You WILL feel better.  The other day Together In Electric Dreams came on the radio and I went nuts! I danced right back into 1984 and my 12 year old bedroom. It was MAGICAL. And I couldn’t stop smiling afterwards.

I’ve saved what I consider to be the best, til last. This really is my happiest place of all. I save it for the end of those really REALLY crap days when the kids are FINALLY in bed. It’s a total cliché  but cliché for a reason: it works.

Bath. Candles. Pjs. Wine. Cheese. Chocolate. TV. Bed. Lakeland catalogue.



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