24th October 2020

Fashion rules your baby is allowed to break

Remember fashion? It’s that thing you may have been vaguely interested in before you became a mum and resigned yourself to a good few years months of stretchy, easy to clean outfits that take you from the sofa to the supermarket to the park – and back! You might instead find that any style whims are now passed straight onto your baby, who looks flawless in absolutely anything. And that’s why they’re allowed to break these silly fashion rules…

“Too much leopard print is tacky!” 

When us grown-ups wear too much animal print we can veer into brassy soap barmaid territory (that doesn’t mean it stops us, of course). Babies though? Nuh-uh! Maybe it’s the Pebbles Flintstone effect, but little ones look universally adorable in animal print – we’ll take this bodysuit in every colour, please.

“You can’t leave the house in pyjamas!”

We’ve all seen someone brazenly doing their shopping in their PJs, dressing gown and slippers but we’ve never quite been brave enough to do it ourselves – loungewear is our limit – but one of the many perks of being a baby is that you can wear nightwear whenever you jolly well please. If only this super-cool walrus onesie came in adult sizes.

“Don’t draw attention to your biggest bits”

Society has conditioned us to wear things that are flattering when really we just want to wear things that are fun. Babies have no such concerns – if they want to pop a cute animal over their bottom, no matter how protruding their nappy is, they will. Sigh. We’re officially resolving to “be more baby” and wear whatever we please, rather than worrying about the size of our hips.

“You can’t shop in the men’s section…”

Thanks to gender norms and wildly differing body shapes, truly unisex adult clothing is hard to come by. In baby world, though, anything goes – baby boys in bright leggings, little girls in cosy neutrals (complete with cute ears, obvs. Not enough of those on adult clothes either)… if you’re fed up with the high street’s obsession with pink and blue, you’ll love Lindex – the entire baby assortment from the cool Swedish brand features gender neutral options. 

That’s not the only important box they tick: their range, which is full of unique prints and patterns, along with some clever solutions that mean they grow with your baby, is also sustainably sourced with 100% organic GOTS certified cotton and they promise to make a difference for future generations by empowering women, respecting the planet and ensuring human rights. They’re affordably priced too –  especially between 23rd October and 1st November, when you’ll get 20% off all baby and kids wear. It’s official: we’re stocking up for babies we haven’t even conceived yet!

Lindex is a Swedish brand built upon a prestige of sustainable, quality and good value fashion. With 65 years of heritage, Lindex has built a wealth of knowledge of providing a complete shopping experience for women. From newborn to kids wear, lingerie to women’s wear. Lindex is the complete destination for you and your family. Click here to see the latest baby clothes or check out their Instagram for more inspiration.

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