What is Mush?

Mush is an app for mums, and your local social network of mums, so that you find other mum friends nearby, know what’s going on, know where to go and organise Meetups.

Why should I use Mush?

Because you can never have too many local mum friends! And because whilst being a mum is amazing, it’s also really hard work, with long days and not enough time with other adults.

How much does it cost?

It is totally free. Two London mums set it up, and their mission is that no mum does it alone.

How do I get on Mush?

You can download it from the Play Store or the App Store. It takes 3 minutes to sign up and start browsing mums nearby.

Is Mush safe?

We take the safety of our users very seriously. We never show your location, email or last name. We only use this information to work out the distance from other mums and to keep in touch with you.

Is Mush for Dads?

Yes, Dads are using Mush but we know we have a way to go to make it feel more for them. Please try it out, but be as friendly as possible in your profile (more family man, less macho man!) and get in touch (hello@letsmush.com) if you have suggestions.

Can I promote Mush?

Mush HQ are always keen for other mums to spread the word for them and we run a local marketing programme. You can get in touch at saskia@letsmush.com for a promotions pack (includes a free tote bag!) and to find out more.

Is Mush available worldwide?

Not yet! We are across the UK and Australia and we know it is needed in other countries. Bear with us.