16th April 2016

Easy ways to prepare your toddler for the new baby

Help your little one become an awesome older sibling with these simple ideas by Gill Siddle.

Getting used to a new baby can be confusing, exhausting and emotional – especially when you are three. Try these pre-arrival bonding activities to help your toddler transition into their new big sister/brother role with ease. Will they still try to bite the baby at some point? Probably.

  1. The present exchange

Help your toddler buy and wrap a gift for their new sibling and then, when the time comes, surprise them with a gift from the new baby too.

  1. If you’re feeling brave, let your toddler help choose the baby’s name

You like Buzz and Cinderella as names right?

  1. Encourage your toddler to talk and sing to the baby in your tummy

We’ve found that since the new arrival, big sister’s singing is sometimes the only thing to calm the baby!

  1. Prepare through stories

There are some great books on the theme of becoming a big sister or brother, we love The New Baby by Mercer Mayer as it’s pretty practical in its advice.

  1. Let them help get the nursery ready

The physical change in their environment is great preparation for the changes to come.

  1. Visit friends with new babies

Let them get used to being quiet around and gentle with a baby.

And finally, check their actual knowledge – we may have forgotten to explain that ‘brother’ meant the baby would be a boy, which our toddler decided was completely unacceptable on arrival. She had been imagining a sister for five months!



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