1st May 2016

Easy meals and snacks to make one-handed while carrying baby

I don’t know about anyone else but I own a part baby, part limpet and it renders at least one arm/hand/hip utterly useless for the majority of the day. Chores which once took three minutes now take twenty three and impeccable balance; and if my other half’s not around going to the toilet’s something I just put off all together until we hit Operation Must-Go.

With this in mind here’s Susie Verrill’s tried and tested, quick and easy meal suggestions for when rustling up a roast isn’t on the cards. Enjoy!

Scrambled eggs. This takes seconds; you crack two on the side of a frying pan (where you’ve already melted some butter), break it up with a spatula of some description and voila!

-Do the same as above, only now add pine nuts, garlic puree and spinach to the mix for a slightly more substantial meal. Maybe warn your other half you’ve eaten garlic. Y’know, just to be polite.

– Any sort of full fat Greek yogurt is a great snack to have when you’re feeling peckish. Throw in some honey, almonds, granola and fruit and you’ve got yourself a sweet treat.

– Pop a potato in the microwave for ten minutes, followed by some beans. Top it with cheese and that’s some hearty stodge right there to keep you going for the next few hours. A healthier alternative is to swap this for a sweet potato AND they take less time to zap.

Tuna’s great for snacking on because it’s just so good for you. And all you need is a fork. You can just crank open the tin and away you go. It’s the lazy mama’s lunch option.

Porridge is something I’m a big fan of and all it takes is some water in a kettle. Once you’ve made it, pop in some fresh fruit and honey and once again you’ve made yourself something sweet without breaking in to unhealthy bars of chocolate or desserts.

– Measure out a mug’s worth of pasta, boil it up, then add some pesto and cheese. If you’ve got some cold meats (or tuna) to add then throw it all in a bowl and you’ve got another meal where all you need is some one handed fork action.

– Dig out some tortilla wraps from the cupboard or pitta breads and cover/fill them with cheese. In a pan, throw some mushrooms and spinach with garlic puree and butter then add them to the wraps/pittas and lay them under the grill.

– If you’ve got some diced chicken, drizzle on some oil and lemon juice then fry off in a frying pan ready to eat with some salad. If you’ve only got whole chicken breasts, do exactly the same and just prepare to eat like a caveman once it’s all cooked. Who cares if you gnaw on a chicken breast in your own home anyway?


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