19th September 2016

How to deal with toddler tantrums

Toddler tantrums don’t get any more bearable or manageable. In fact, the more kids you have, the more hideous they become because, well, you’re more than a little bit bored of this irrational stage of childhood. Amy Ransom gives us a few ways to deal with them quickly and efficiently.

Ask them what they want

This doesn’t work. It’s why they’re having a tantrum in the first place. Because you have fundamentally misunderstood what they need in life. You’re just adding insult to injury if you insist on pushing the point further.

Ignore them

If you’re at home, this may be turning up Neighbours and going about your day regardless of the storm that is happening at your ankles. If you’re out and about it basically comes down to pretending that screaming, foot-stamping toddler isn’t yours. I like to browse the shelves whilst occasionally glancing over my shoulder in a, ‘Does anyone know who this child belongs to?’ kind of way. Just to really bring my performance home.

Shout at them

At one point or another, every frustrated parent has screamed at their tantruming toddler through sheer bewilderment and also the fact that their ears are really starting to hurt. Unless you want to get into an argument with an 18 month old, without actually knowing what you’re arguing about, I suggest you ditch this technique and save your voice. You’re better than this. Remember that.

Give them time

Eventually all tantrums come to an end. If only because your toddler will eventually wear themselves out and lie on the floor with the occasional deep sob as they try to catch their breath. This is ALWAYS the best way to handle a tantrum. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have several hours a day to dedicate to this. And most of us need to leave the house.


If all else fails (which it will), a gin takes the edge off. It’s particularly effective when combined with a bit of online shopping.


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