We asked the Mush app community of new mums how their partners were shaping up as dads. The answer was a resounding, ‘amazing!’ with 68 per cent of 214 mums saying that their other halves are doing a fantastic job. Here are just a few of the comments:

“Amazing! For someone who has no experience with babies he has taken to it like a duck to water. Very grateful for him”

“Really amazing! I feel incredibly lucky to be married to somebody who is so involved. I love the bond he has with our baby.” 

“Extremely helpful. I couldn’t ask him to do anymore. He loves doing the night feeds.”

“He’s great, takes over when he gets home from work and we spend time together as a family on Saturdays which is great.” 

“My husband is amazing. He gets up early in the morning and plays with our son after his feed, meaning I can have an extra hour in bed. Then in the evening he gives him his bath and helps settle him for bed. I honestly couldn’t ask for a more wonderful husband.”

“So amazing! With twins it’s all hands on deck and he still gets up and does the night feeds with me! I couldn’t be luckier.”

“Best daddy ever! Works 12 hours 7 days a week to make sure we are happy. Does bath time and bed time when he gets in from work. “

“Very helpful! I’m very lucky! Changes nappies… cooks dinner… puts on a wash… puts the kids to bed.”

“He’s a godsend. He’s now been off for six weeks with me because I’m not coping. He’s used up all of his holiday to help me. I can’t imagine life without him.”