25th April 2019

Classic mum outfits you’ll spot in the wild

You don’t have to commit to a look, you can embrace all five over the course of a week…

Active wear mum

Or Athleisure mum, if you prefer. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t been to the gym in years, once you discover the joy and comfort that jazzy leggings and neon trainers can bring to a day of drudgery, there’s no going back.

Really proud to be a mum mum

It’s all about the slogan sweatshirt – MAMA or maybe MOTHER, it proclaims, depending on how sassy you are feeling. Often teamed with a cute and colourful rubbery teething necklace to really hammer the point home.

Trendy mum aka used to be trendy mum

Dungarees or a pinafore, either a clumpy boot or a statement trainer, and some sort of wacky textured coat. Sometimes you even wear eyeliner, you devil you. The only person better dressed than you is your baby.

Standard issue mum

Skinny but not too skinny jean: check. Breton-striped top: check. Colourful Converse: check. Vaguely stylish rucksack brought into ill repute by being full of crumbs: check. You are everywhere, and you look nice.

Past caring mum

Are they pyjamas or just your clothes? You can’t remember anymore. You’ve got holey leggings for days and you haven’t worn a wired bra for two years now. But rest assured, when you make your comeback, and you WILL make your comeback, people won’t know what’s hit them.

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