3rd April 2020

Cheap ways to make your baby’s room look straight outta Pinterest

Or a fancy baby magazine, if you’re old school.

Getting your baby’s nursery ready is one of the most exciting things about being pregnant. At first babies usually sleep in their same room as their parents, but most experts recommend moving them into their own room at around six months. Which gives you ample time to get their room ready – and get to know their personality, in case they have any strong opinions about curtains Vs blinds. Here are a few tips from Rachel Tompkins…

Wall stickers

Achieve the coveted Scandi monochrome look on the cheap by ordering some black wall stickers to go on their bedroom wall. We found some for less than £20 online which were black triangles. Stuck randomly on a plain white wall they created the illusion of black-and white wallpaper for a fraction of the cost and hardly any hassle. They can be peeled off easily when you’re fed up with them too.

Spray paint

Fancy yourself as a bit of a Banksy? Don’t panic if you’re not! It’s amazing what you can do with a can of spray paint. A black or neon colour can be a really effective way of giving old picture frames a new lease of life, just make sure you do it outside or well away from carpets and furniture because it’s nigh on impossible to get those little splatters off!

Create a wall montage

You can’t pick up a magazine at the moment without seeing a picture of a room with a picture montage on one wall. And they’re easier to create than you think. All you need to do is gather together a variety of pictures/photos/prints/canvases etc. The more different they are the better, for example one big alphabet initial letter, a bright animal picture, some family photos or images ripped out of old books or magazines. Put some in frames, others can be stuck on the wall directly with masking tape over the corners, and others can be hung with old-fashioned wooden poster hangers. It’s the perfect way to bring together old items with sentimental value with bight, new imagery. And as your baby gets older you can talk to them about what they all are and why they’re special.

Pimp your furniture

Don’t worry if you can’t afford to splash out on a whole set of new furniture for your baby’s bedroom. There’s a trend at the moment to ‘pimp’ or renovate what you’ve already got. Plain chests of drawers can be given stylish new knobs, a lot of high-street shops with interiors sections sell these now. Or get an old chair re-covered in a bright, funky fabric to act as a nursing chair with a difference. Lots of magazines and websites offer inspiration for this, so once you start looking you won’t be short of ideas.

Make books a feature

Gone are the days when children’s books were squashed together cover to cover with only the spines visible. Nowadays lots of children’s books are a work of art in their own right. Make the most of these by doing what so many of the stylish Instagrammers do and fix shallow shelves onto the wall in which allow you to display the cover of all their gorgeous books to their full glory. It’s like a living work of art which you can rotate and update as and when new books are added to their collection.

Clothes rails

Your wardrobe might look like an explosion in a clothes factory, but it goes without saying that your baby’s clothes will be carefully laundered, lovingly folded and stored neatly in their wardrobe and drawers. So why not make the most of it and get a children’s clothes rail on which to hang their best outfits. This looks incredibly effective with pretty dresses and dressing up costumes as they get older, and adds colour to the room as well as enabling you to see at a glance what they’ve got to wear.

Aztec rugs

Hide even the tattiest carpet with a soft, sumptuous shaggy Aztec rug. They’re the interiors accessory of the moment amongst bloggers and stylists alike and have the ability to make any room look on trend, as well as being so soft your little-one will love rolling around on it.

Fun with foliage

Greenery is key to completing your uber-stylish nursery and there really are no limits! What better quick and cost-effective way to add a natural feel to your baby’s room than some pot plants and succulents? Clustered together in wicker basket pots looks fab, or if you’re really adventurous you can even hang them from the ceiling in macramé hangers. Just make sure that the plants you select aren’t toxic in any way, and that they’re well out of reach of inquisitive fingers (and mouths!). 

Less is more

Resist the urge to pile up all your baby’s toys on their bedroom shelves or so that they’re spilling out of the toy box, and chose just a selection to display at any one time. This not only allows you to pick the more aesthetically pleasing options, but as your children gets older implementing a rotation of toys that are on display/in storage helps to maintain their interest and stop them getting bored.

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