16th April 2016

Buggy games: tricks for keeping them occupied on the move

Your child being strapped into the pram for a (considerable) portion of the day as we go about our tasks is inevitable. Cat Sims gives us some tips on how to keep them entertained.

  1. Spot the…

Only you know your route, but think of something that you’re likely to see a number of times (but not ALL the time) and tell them they have to make a silly noise every time they see it. Or that they have to be the first one to see it. Or just that they have to spot it (it’s all age dependent). Red buses, black cabs, post boxes, other buggies…whatever you can think of.

  1. Pimp my Ride

Before you leave the house give them ribbon, stickers, tinsel, whatever you can think of and tell them they can decorate the buggy. They’ll be so excited to ride in their souped-up carriage they’ll forget that they hated being there in the first place.

  1. Give them a job

Write a shopping list and tell them they have to hold it. Give them the shopping bag to hold. Tell them they are in charge of directions. Whatever the job is, they’ll be stoked to have a ‘real’ responsibility.

  1. Singalong

Ok, you may feel like a bit of an idiot singing The Wheels on the Bus as you walk around Sainsbury’s (other supermarkets are available) but it’s better than battling a toddler desperately wriggling out of their buggy. Let them choose the playlist and put your heart and soul into it. A dance will ensure success.

  1. If all else fails…

If your toddler is still intent on making a run for it then you’ll have to resort to desperate measures. Peppa Pig on the iPhone. A bag of Pom-Bears. We don’t judge. Do whatever it takes.

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