16th July 2019

Birth stories, expert advice and new emojis: Your big Mush update

We know this time of year can be tough when you’ve got little ones – either because all the baby classes and playgroups have stopped for the summer holidays, leaving a gaping void in your daytime social life, or because you’ve suddenly got a house full of kids to entertain. Either way, we’re here for you with support, advice, company and entertainment. And the app’s looking better than ever, even if we do say so ourselves…

Now you can tell us how you really feel

Don’t worry if your face is too tired to display a variety of facial expressions, because now you can let your fingers do the talking: we’ve just introduced five reaction buttons to posts for when you want to show some extra love. As ever, make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of the app and all will become clear.

Introducing your very own Journal

When you need a bit of extra support, Mush Journal is on hand with expert advice, whatever stage you’re at, plus tons of other features coming soon. Subscribers also have exclusive access to live chats with experts on everything from sleep to confidence. This week nutritionist Julie Clark shared her weaning wisdom with a select few – and it was amazingly useful. You can read the highlights here, and then sign up for your free trial so you don’t miss out next time!

No more chat confusion

It’s the one you all wanted… with a simple swipe, you can now reply to specific comments within chats and posts. It was hurting our brains too, you see. You’re welcome.

Even more new chat groups

We’re creating new chat groups every day (our community manager Louise has her work cut out wading through thousands of requests!). The newest additions include Mush Stories (your chance to share your experience of making friends via the app), Birth Stories (because who doesn’t love banging on about their 36 hour labour?), Baby name ideas, Big age gaps and C-section mums. Check them out! 

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