12th December 2016

The best things to buy a tiny baby who has no clue it’s Christmas

Don’t tell the grandparents who’ve just spent £300 at Toys R Us but most of it: total waste of cash, says Caroline Corcoran.

Firstly, I get very excited about buying two year-olds presents. Pop-up stuff! Tunnels to crawl through!  Possibly inappropriate Little Mix memorabilia! But when it comes to my four month-old baby? Let’s be honest, he’d be happy with a clean nappy and that spare dummy that’s lying on the floor covered in grub. HOWEVER I’m a nice mum and it’s ridiculously exciting that it’s his first Christmas so I do want to get the little guy some stuff. Here’s a selection of gifts to buy babies under six months that are actually of some use and/or they will like…

Beautiful toy box

To the outside: beautiful, possibly personalised present that you have lovingly bought your newborn. To you: a good way to make your house not look like someone threw up toys in it and prevent your elderly neighbour tripping over Sophie la Girafe when she comes round for a cuppa/ gin. Gill from my NCT group tells me Crafty Kate are the best or alternatively Not on the High Street have some gorgeous ones, FYI.

Sleepyboo AKA Gerry the Giraffe

Now this is a clever idea. Buying someone this is basically giving them the gift of a trip to the toilet in peace, or five minutes to shovel some Dairy Milk in and boil the kettle. Because he rocks the moses basket/crib/rocker for you. Side note: it looks ridiculously cute too.


The holy grail of presents: something a baby will like but won’t look like a monstrosity in your used-to-be-sophisticated living room, these teepees are super-cool and beautiful. Plus if you get five minutes, the perfect place to crawl into for a nap yourself tbh.

Bubble machine

Take any small baby to a sensory group and they will go nuts for the bubbles. Recreate it at home: pre-bedtime magic.

Stuff that gives back

Hippychick is donating £1 for every Mouse Wheelybug bought before Christmas to the People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES), for the preservation of dormice. There’s something pretty lovely about doing something nice with your present buying, I reckon.

Lost My Name books

Go personal and you have a sweet keepsake. Plus babies are never too young to read to/ it’s a cracking way to kill some time between feeds.


In the same way they go mad for bubbles, babies also love lights. You could stand there flicking the bulbs on and off or do something a bit cuter and get these Suncrest glitter stickers of planets and stars to glow in the dark. Cute.

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