Nap time is the one snippet of the day (or two, if you’re really lucky) where you’re just you. You’re not mum, you’re not at someone’s beck and call, you’re just a one woman team looking to get stuff done. Or not, as it sometimes happens. Susie Verrill gives us ways you can spend that glorious hour or so; ranging from the studious, to the active, to the lazy.

– Cook or bake something you don’t have time to make ordinarily. This could even be something you prepare during nap time & enjoy for dinner.

– Internet shopping! Obviously I’m not suggesting you shop every day unless you have an uber disposable income. But you could window shop, make notes as to what you might treat yourself to once pay day comes, hunt for some bargains.

– If you’ve got some loved ones birthdays coming up (even if it’s not for a few weeks) spend nap time getting cards and gifts ordered.

– Drink! No, not like that. Tea. Or coffee. Or hot water and lemon. Just a hot mug of something that you normally don’t get to drink until it’s lukewarm/ cold.

– Pick up a book or magazine and have a read. With baby asleep you’ll actually be able to concentrate and there’ll be no re-reading of the same line over and over and over and over.

– Have a long shower. You’ll almost definitely think you can hear your baby crying & turn the taps off every few minutes but try to enjoy freshening up without rushing.

– Do your make-up slowly, with no grabby hands reaching for your make-up brushes. You could even try to mix it up a little with some new products or colours.

– Do some exercise. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy and you can do it right at home. There are hundreds of thousands of videos on YouTube or Instagram if you don’t have a clue where to start and after only a few minutes you’ll go from cream crackered to upbeat.

– Throw on a boxset. Netflix is the king of nap time. Just maybe give Making A Murderer a swerve because baby sleep doesn’t allow for ten whole hour long episodes.

– Attempt to take up a new hobby. I tried taking up knitting until I realised I couldn’t even cast on, despite numerous attempts at watching other people do it on YouTube. I’m now trying to think of a new hobby.

– Do literally, absolutely nothing. Stare in to space and enjoy doing exactly that. You made it to another nap time.

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