25th October 2017

Be part of the biggest mum meet-up EVER

It’s time to announce MUMDAY! It’s gonna be big…

What are you doing on Monday 20th November? Absolutely nothing, give or take a few nappy changes? Well then, we have good news for you – 20th November is hereby known as MUMDAY: the biggest mum meet-up ever.

We decided that this gloomy time of year was the perfect opportunity to rally the troops (that’s you) and get as many parents making friends as possible by organising simultaneous meet-ups around the country.

We’re now on the hunt for hosts – if you have the perfect venue in mind, you can click here to find out more and apply for your event pack containing everything you need to host one hell of a Mush-up.

3 reasons to host your very own Mumday Mush-Up:

1. You’ll meet new people

Sure, some of the mums who’ll come to your event are probably your existing friends, but you’ll also pull in a crowd of local parents who you haven’t met before. And that’s our whole mission: to bring parents together, because we all know how hard this whole child-rearing business can be when you’re on your own. Plus, your kids might make some friends too and give you 30 seconds of peace, hurrah.

2. It’s a great chance to support local businesses

If you know of a lovely local mum-friendly café or a cosy pub that’s deserted during the day, these could be the perfect venues to host your Mumday Mush-Up. Or perhaps you have something more creative in mind: previous Mush-ups have been held at hairdressers, nightclubs and even banks. And they will all appreciate you for bringing in so many customers… no matter how many squawking babies and toddlers might be in tow!

3. Um… any excuse for a party?!

The vortex between summer and Christmas can be tough – but who needs an excuse to guzzle coffee and cake/prosecco and pizza? By the end of it, you’ll be singing “We wish it could be Mumday every day…”!


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