24th August 2016

The baby kit that YOU actually do need

There are hundreds of lists saying what you need to buy for your baby, and for you and your baby, but what about YOU?  Lizzie Catt gives us some of the less conventional clobber

Must-have lists for newborns featuring tiny vests, a car seat, a moses basket and a hundred other things you’ll only use 20 per cent of are easy to come by, but what do new mums really need? Having all the right clobber for your kid isn’t much use if you’re slumped on the sofa, decaffeinated and dishevelled.

1. Two-in-one shampoo and conditioner

Having a shower whilst cheerfully bellowing ‘Old MacDonald Had A Farm’ at a disapproving infant in a bouncy chair isn’t the most relaxing start to the day (well, the afternoon. OK, fine, the evening) and shaving minutes off the process is helpful. Although as for shaving your legs, that’ll probably have to wait til the weekend.

2. Microwave rice

When you’ve only got a few minutes to dash into the kitchen and sling together something resembling a meal before the tiny dictator in the other room wakes up, shoving bits of last night’s dinner in the microwave with a pouch of ready rice to create a ‘jambalaya a la leftovers’ instead of having yet another piece of toast can feel like a culinary triumph.

3. A really rather good under-eye concealer

You know that expensive, light-diffusing under-eye concealer at the bottom of your make-up bag that you save for hungover days and special occasions? It’s about to come into its own. Even if you’re not going out, a smear of serious concealer and a smudge of eyeliner will transform the super-tired looking woman in the mirror back into a kick-ass chick again and give you a little awesomeness boost. It’s photoshop for your face.

4. A coffee machine

Yes, you will probably be spending a lot of time meeting up with other mums for coffee, but how are you supposed to get out for coffee without having a coffee first? Instant is all very well, but the weapons-grade stuff is even better.

5. WD-40

There’s not much that can be done about that BLOODY creaking floorboard in the middle of the baby’s bedroom, but whip out the WD-40 and that’ll be the last time the screeching front gate, groaning bedroom door or squeaky drawer startle junior awake when you’ve just spent 40 minutes rocking them to sleep.


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