2nd February 2018

Mush’s new addition: Ask an Expert

Since the dawn of our first baby’s day on the planet, we have had a gazillion questions that needed answering. From sleep to feeding to routine to weaning, you can feel completely bamboozled about what’s right for you and your baby.

So we’ve decided to make things easier and have built a team of qualified experts on call to answer all the questions you may have, because let’s face it, it’s great to be reassured you are doing the right thing.

And ta-dah! From next week you will have access to this paid-for feature…

Look out for prompts in the feed and a new tab you have never seen before. We can’t wait to make being a mum just that little bit easier.

How will it work?

Simple! You will select what topic you have a question about, ask your question and you will get a personalised email back to your inbox just as soon as our Expert has answered.

Who are the Mush Experts?

Since we launched Mush 2 years ago we’ve met so many brilliant women who are qualified and experienced at helping new mums. We’ve been keeping a black book and we are delighted to be able to help connect you to them.

Where else can I get support like this?

We had so much feedback from mums that they either couldn’t find, access or afford professional advice when they needed it. A private consultation with our Experts would normally cost between £50 and £200 per hour.

What type of questions will I be able to ask?

It’s important that the questions are not medical but they can be about you and your baby’s well being. As you can imagine we get a lot of questions about sleep and feeding, but also about confidence, behaviour, pregnancy and more.

Write to us for more info at any time at hello@letsmush.com

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