7th December 2020

A questionnaire may have all the answers…

Assessment questionnaires are a great way to work out what you are good at. Understanding what you are good at is a great way to work out what careers you may enjoy working in. Because frankly a clever algorithm might have the answers better than you do…

There is an entirely free resource from the National Careers service that contains 50 multiple choice questions and will take 5-10 minutes to complete. We found the whole thing pretty fun to be honest!

Why not do it with a mum friend and compare notes? If you are in the same boat you could set up a work pod (a messaging group about your work interests on Mush) or maybe you could even find a jobshare partner (Mush is striving to provide jobshare opportunities).

Or do it by yourself. We promise you will learn something about yourself that you won’t have known before.

Take the free Skills and Careers assessment.

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