2nd November 2020

A lockdown rule you may not know…

The lockdown announcement, due to come into effect on Thursday 5th November, included some key differences from last time. And there was one in the small print that is particularly relevant to new mums that we wanted to bring to your attention..

Because the new measures had prompted concerns that new parents in particular would be isolated from their friends, family, and other parts of their normal support network, there is one key difference this time.

The exemption, announced on Sunday, will mean children under school age will not count towards the two-person limit on meetings between members of different households.

This will mean that a parent can see a friend or family member with their baby or young children.

This is a huge and welcome change that means we don’t have to spend all day alone with our thoughts, feelings, questions and baby stories! You can still use Mush to find a mum that you can go on a socially distanced walk with.

Don’t just believe us! Below is a question and answer taken straight from the BBC News:

I have a small baby (under six months) – can I meet for a socially-distanced buggy walk in a park with a friend who also has a small baby? – Cara

You can meet one other person from another household in an outdoor public place – those places include parks, beaches, the countryside, public gardens and playgrounds, but not private gardens. Children under school age, as well as those who need round-the-clock-care, do not count towards the total. So yes, two adults with babies can meet in a park.

What are you waiting for? Find a mum on Mush to have a walk with today…

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