17th April 2018

7 things not to do to your babysitter

If you ever want them coming back…

The problem with a great babysitter is that finding them is hard and hiding them from our mates can be equally tricky – no matter how hard we try.  So sharpening up our babysitter-etiquette to a level that ensures they’re always keen to come back is something every sanity-seeking parent should invest in. Thanks to our friends at Bubble, we’ve pulled out some of the top behavioural mishaps parents’ steer clear of to keep their sitter sweet.

Don’t take in the stowaways

“What’s this? Sue and John have got the sitter in for tonight? Great, let’s take Archie and Livi over to their house too. What fun!”. Not quite. Shovelling as many kids as possible into the house for our unsuspecting sitter to be greeted with on arrival is a big no-no.

Don’t ‘strategically’ leave out the ironing

We all hate the ironing and we all wish someone else will do it for us. Sometimes, when the sitter’s coming over for an evening, we leave a pile of creased shirts on an ironing board next to the sofa in our otherwise immaculately tidy house. Sometimes, we can be cheeky sh*ts.

Don’t not mention the dog

A babysitter won’t be able to tend to the kids in the manner we’d expect if they’ve been forced to spend the evening terrified and locked in the downstairs loo. So let’s make sure we tell them about the Great Dane, just in case they’re petrified of him.

Don’t not mention the chicken pox

I know we as parents sometimes think that a sitter’s sole purpose in life, the centre-point of their week and reason for their entire being is the 6 hours a month they spend looking after our little angels, but the harsh reality is it’s not. These guys are our students, nannies, teachers and nurses. They don’t want, nor can’t afford, to get sick so if our kid’s contagious we should probably let them know.

Don’t sit there and watch

Two things we know about our kids. One, they always prefer mum and dad to anyone else and two, they always play-up in front of mum and dad more than anyone else. So while leaving our little ones  – particularly with someone new – can be a little stressful (and of course we should all spend time ensuring we’re all comfortable with one another first), once the real sitting starts, it’s always advisable to make yourself a bit scarce and let the sitter do their job.

Don’t be late un-announced

Being out without the kids does cause us to lose ourselves sometimes. The liberation makes us quite giddy and once we realise just how phenomenal it all is we quickly decide that getting home for 10pm just isn’t going to cut it. Which nine times out of ten will be fine with our babysitter –  just make sure to let them know. It’ll stop them calling the police at 2am.

Don’t round it down

OK OK, we’ve been out out for the first time in a year and we’re stumbling through the door  a little worse for wear. Maths was never our strong point, and our inebriated state is not helping matters. In which case, let’s not start carrying over the one’s and two’s. Let’s just pay the babysitter what they’re owed and let them be on their way.

After all, they’ve had a rough night. We’re back two hours late, they’ve caught Archie’s norovirus and have been ironing non-stop…in the garden, so that Spot can’t see them.

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