6th December 2017

6 fashion fixes for hiding baby filth

Ninery’s Penny Harrison on what to do when your baby ruins your look…

Being a mum is a messy, sticky, smelly job. If someone had told you a few years ago you’d be sitting in a cafe, or a meeting with sick in your hair, banana on your top and a vigorously rubbed-at-with-a-baby-wipe poo stain on your trousers you’d have rolled your eyes in ‘I don’t think so,’ disbelief.

But all this and more is now your reality and you’re rocking it. You accept the snot-wipe lows with the first smile highs BUT it would be nice to have a few tricks to hand to fix yourself up when the baby has leaked on you somehow, yet again right?

Ninery is dedicated to providing mums and mums to be with maternity, breastfeeding and independent womenswear clothing and accessories all under one roof, to bring you some easy ways to hide those little accidents…

1. Reversible clothing isn’t just for kids. In fact, reversible clothing makes way more sense for grown-ups. Look for tops and tees that are made for that purpose and you’ll have a nifty little fix. You’ll find reversible sweatshirts relatively easily and we love the genius Audrey reversible bomber jacket by Little Yellow London available over at Ninery. It comes in two bang on trend, busy prints that will hide mishaps but can then be reversed to a plain black jacket too. It’s a no brainer for mums.

2. Muslins are for you, not for baby! Invest in muslins that make you look good. This simple item has moved on from basic changing bag necessity to style statement over recent years. These days they come in much larger sizes and attractive fabrics. Look for bold colours that will match a variety of outfits, animal print styles or prints that aren’t baby related and can be passed off more as a fashion item when slung around the shoulders. Keep these as your ‘going out /outfit’ muslins.

3. Invest in plain tees. Treat yourself to a small selection of good quality, plain black, white and maybe a coloured t-shirt. Classic, loose t shirts can be worn over a vest for the ‘pull vest down, top up’ breastfeeding access but crucially you can turn these inside out if they’re stained. Just remember to snip out out the tags. You’ll likely be wearing a jacket for the coming months too which will help cover your little trick.

4. Go for a smart coat, no matter the occasion. Longer, Duster style coats don’t have to be worn with full on smart outfits. In fact, we love them thrown over jumpsuits and dungarees with trainers and they do two great things. You feel a bit more put together when you button up that coat, even if you’re on the school run with trackies underneath. But even better, they simply cover up a multitude of spills and stains. If the baby has brought milk up all over your hoody while you’re out and then you’ve only got your denim jacket to pull over the top, you feel a bit icky. But slip back into a smarter, longer coat and you’ll feel much better.

5. Patch it up. No really! Patches and pins are where it is at right now. They are a great, cheap way to update and accessorise outfits but they’re also brilliant for covering stains, especially if you have a little collection of them. The internet is awash with fab companies offering fun pins and patches right now, especially for mums, with empowering statements of funny slogans. Ninery has some gorgeous pins by Lucky Sew & Sew such as the Divine Female pin and the Mamas Gonna Lactate pins. Fabric patches don’t have to be sewn on, just pop a safety pin through them so you can move them over any spillages!

6. Layer up. We all know that layering is a style secret for many reasons, but it’s a messy-mum secret too, plus it really does add an element of styling. Wear two loose fitting t shirts under your long duster coat. Turn the sleeves of the t-shirt underneath, up and over the sleeves of outer t-shirt to add a fashion touch and if the top one is loose enough, tie it up at one side. Crucially, it gives you options when you’re in a mess and you can take the top one off instead of wearing something with a big wet-wiped mark.

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