1st April 2016

6 easy ways to spice up your life

Lizzie Catt has 6 tips to make sure you don’t die of boredom

The best solution to feeling cooped up is to get the hell out of the house, no matter how long it takes and in spite of the fact that your baby WILL have a poo-splosion just as you’re leaving. But some days you just… can’t.

Staying in doesn’t mean you have to sink into the sofa, flicking though daytime TV and watching the hands drag around the clock. It is perfectly possible to brighten up your day without everything getting all… outsidey.

1. Posh lunch

A slice of ham, a freckly banana and half a bowl of cold baby rice may represent the major food groups, but they ain’t lunch. Stock up and treat yourself to something you really love, whether it’s a home-made pie, sushi, a posh ready meal or a dirty great fish finger sandwich.

2. Fancy dress

OK, so babies aren’t going to get much out of being dressed as a bee, a dragon or a tiny Princess Leia, but you will. Slow days are also a great opportunity to dress your baby in the outfits you secretly hate bought by friends and relatives, and send a photo to say thanks.

3. Work it out

If you’re feeling sluggish, YouTube has a wealth of ridiculous workout videos. The sillier the better – although if you’ve recently given birth, stick to the gentle stuff and wait until after your six week check-up.

4. Gardening leave

If you have access to a garden, get out there as soon as the weather is warm enough. Take everything – playmat, toys, books, tunes – and stay out all day. You’ll need suncream and a hat for the baby and anti-UV tents are really handy too (around £30 on Amazon).

5. Skype date

You know what’s easier than travelling an hour across town for that long- promised catch up with a friend who’s also on mat leave? Sykpe.

6. Disco, baby

Crank up your favourite tunes and dance like nobody’s watching. Which they are, but fortunately babies won’t remember you twerking to Taylor Swift. Disco ball optional, but advised.


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