27th June 2016

5 ways to entertain your baby and toddler in one go

Louisa Pritchard brings us her top five tips of things that you, your baby, and your toddler will enjoy. You never know, you might even get to finish a cup of tea… 

It can be REALLY tough keeping a baby and a toddler entertained at the same time. One wants to go to the park/ paint/ bake RIGHT NOW. And the other mostly wants to feed and be entertained – in the warm – with a pile of Lamaze toys. If either don’t get their way, it’s not just the kids who are reduced to tears…

  1. Visit the zoo. We love London Zoo but if you want something a bit smaller (it can be daunting keeping an eye on your toddler and baby in such a busy place) Battersea Zoo is fab. It’s got a play area complete with a full scale fire engine and a cafe. Your baby will love the brightly coloured birds and your toddler will love, er, all of it.
  2. Go to a garden centre. You might not have step foot in one for years but garden centres become your best friend when you have children. Look for ones that sell fish and small animals – these will be visually stimulating for your baby and your older child will love looking at the rabbits. Try the Birchen Grove garden centre in NW9 or Hillingdon garden centre which also has a soft play area.
  3. Get singing. If you can’t face going out, why not have a jamming session at home with your toddler and get your baby involved. Studies show babies are soothed by the sound of your singing so they will enjoy the sounds while your toddler can dance to their favourite nursery rhymes.
  4. Hit the library. Most libraries have fantastic children’s areas where your older child can pick a few books. Keep an eye on their timetable as lots also have free storytime and rhyme time sessions. These should keep your toddler happy while you feed your baby. (And if it doesn’t, at least it’s free so you can leave without being annoyed at wasting your money!) Our favourites include Balham Library which has rhyme time on Wednesday morning at 9.30am and the Dalston CLR James Library which runs an under-fives storytime on Thursday between 11-12.
  5. Invest in a bubble machine. Sure the bubbles will make a mess on your floor. But they are also guaranteed to distract both children for a good 10 minutes. Enough time for that cup of tea…


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