14th May 2016

5 things you never thought you’d do pre-baby

They don’t say “It’s a game changer” for nothing! Sarah Cawood gives the lowdown on the 5 things you really don’t expect to become

  1. Turn down quite so many nights out

It pains me to say it but they do tend to come along and ruin your social life. It’s not that you can’t go out, but it has to be a really special occasion for you to be prepared to get up at 6am the next morning, after about eight or nine assorted gin cocktails and a 3am finish. Urgh, even the thought makes me shudder.

  1. Eat leftovers

It is inevitable that you will also start to find toddler meal leftovers to be the most irresistible food known to man. That leftover fish finger? Utterly mouthwatering. Cold, half-eaten peanut butter on toast? Gimme more! It’s been four years and I have yet to develop the will power to abstain from eating what’s left on their plates.

3.Turn into your mother

This was the one I SWORE I would never do, but I now realise that resistance is futile. You will start trotting out the same platitudes and sayings that your own mum did, and doing the same things too. Most recently, I have found myself telling both husband and smalls to turn off lights when they leave a room to “save electricity”. Oh and money? It doesn’t grow on trees you know! My name is Sarah, but it’s Val* I keep hearing coming out of my mouth.

  1. Wear Ugg boots

Wearing uggs (or cheap copies thereof) all day, every day, for most of the year. I know that there is a fashion backlash against them, but my GOD they’re comfortable. And practical. And easy to chuck on when you’re late for the nursery/school run. I know that since I had kids I’m now desperately lacking in the style department *sadface*.

  1. Love another human being more than you care about yourself

My own mum told me that I wouldn’t understand unconditional love until I had children of my own and she’s not wrong. I never imagined how much I would love them before they arrived then there they were and I was hit by a freight train of adoration. In a really good way.

*(My mums name is Val. OBVS)

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