18th April 2016

5 things mums shouldn’t feel guilty about

The moment you give birth this new emotion attempts to take over your body, at every opportunity. Amy Ransom gives us 5 things to ditch the guilt about.

Not playing with your kids

Some mums instinctively play with their kids but a lot of us don’t know how to. Or we just find it, erm, a bit boring. That’s ok. You’re not four. Playing dress-up or babies probably isn’t your thing these days. Meet your child halfway and spend 15 minutes playing, then get them to help you with what you need to do. Kids love just being involved and who doesn’t need a hand with the washing?

Watching TV

TV’s another thing us mums berate ourselves for. But actually our kids lead pretty busy lives and if some TV helps your child wind down at any given point in the day, then there’s no harm in that.


There’s a backlash against phones and the fact that basically we’re all addicted to them. But there are good things about them too- helping lonely mums feel connected, as mush does! But if you’re worried you’re on it too much leave your phone upstairs every now and then. Then you won’t feel tempted to just check Facebook to see what so and so’s doing.

Shouting at your kids

This is something most mums do. It comes with the territory of being a) tired b) in a rush and c) in charge of small people. Once you’re calm, explain to your child why you were cross. It’s not a negative thing to show your child a range of emotions and help them learn how to express them.

Everything else

Guilt is horrible. It makes you feel ‘not good enough.’ So don’t listen to it. Because you’re doing great.


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