6th August 2016

5 things you do differently in your second pregnancy

Second pregnancy is different, entirely different. Cat Sims gives the lowdown

Remember seeing that positive pregnancy test for the first time? Remember that sudden, seismic shift as you reevaluate everything that you eat, drink, rub on your body, wear, do? Out goes the booze,in comes the Pregnacare. Sushi, blue cheese, shell-fish, rare meat are all thrown out in a fit of maternal martyrdom. This baby cis going to get the very best start in life; this baby will have nothing but the best.

Then you get pregnant again. This time, it’s different not because you don’t love this baby as much but because you simply don’t have the time or the energy to do everything perfectly. So, if you’re pregnant for the second time and starting to feel some guilt about the way you’re growing this baby then stop right there. Here are the top five things you’ll be doing differently and why…

1. With the first baby you probably spent £19.99 on Pregnacare Plus. This time, you’re on the £4.99 basic Pregnacare because a) you’re not naïve anymore. If the quality of your baby relies on the quality of your Pregnacare, there’s a serious lawsuit there and b) you’re too busy flinging money at nappies and overpriced Frozen magazines to even consider affording Pregnacare Plus.

2. You’ll never really know how pregnant you are. Gone are the days of reading the weekly updates telling you what vegetable your baby resembles, what part of their anatomy you’ve been magically building and what symptoms you can expect to feel. You’re so busy keeping your first small human alive while simultaneously trying to adult that you’ll genuinely forget that you’re even pregnant at all, let alone remember how many weeks.

3. If you had any pregnancy symptoms first time round, good or bad, they’ll be amped up the second time around. One sneaky varicose vein with the precious first born will turn into what looks like a topographical map of the Himalayas with the second-born. A touch of morning sickness in the first pregnancy will become five solid weeks of food poisoning rendering you bed ridden and depressed. Or is that just me?

4. In good news, the second baby is much, much cheaper. Oh how you’ll laugh at the couple you were when you willingly handed over £1000 for a buggy. This time, you’ll make do with a hand-me-down. You know that it’ll be covered in snot, vomit and Pom Bears by the end of the first month so who gives a fudge if Giselle was seen pushing it around? If your second baby is the same sex, you’ve got all the clothes – some of them may even be new (lucky second baby!) as you didn’t get around to using them the first time. While you may have to manage feelings of unworthiness later in life, the money you saved in pregnancy will easily cover the therapy bills.

5. You’ll actually anticipate the newborn days with a sense of smug-excitement. Whatever your experience of those newborn days the first time round, nothing beats having the experience under your belt.You’ll appreciate how easy newborns can be – yes they cry and don’t really sleep very much and they have this annoying habit of chewing on your nipples but they stay pretty much where you left them, they don’t talk back, they don’t throw a fit because you gave them the blue plate instead of the green plate and you don’t have to have a degree in negotiation to get them out the door with their hair brushed, clothes on and a clean nappy.

So while it isn’t all bad news, there’s no doubt it’s different. Not better, not worse, but definitely different. Enjoy it anyway…no matter how easy newborns are, they’re generally easier on the inside than the outside.


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