18th April 2016

5 simple activities kids really enjoy

Playing with our kids doesn’t come naturally to all of us and sometimes, because of this, we overcomplicate activities. But kids are very easily pleased. Amy Ransom shares a few simple things they love to do. 

Dressing and undressing babies

Granted, you’re probably having enough fun dressing your own children (haha) that you don’t want to dress a load of babies but toddlers and preschoolers can spend hours doing just this. So join in and be grateful that at least these babies don’t struggle or answer back!

Making a den out of sofa cushions

Every time I leave the room, I come back to find a den made out of sofa cushions. This never gets boring for my kids. You can help them make it even more secret and exciting by helping them hang a throw or blanket as a canopy.

Wrapping random stuff in tin foil

This will keep them amused for an entire afternoon. There’s something thrilling about making fake presents and seeing how things look wrapped up. Plus tin foil is so crinkly and makes that fantastic noise AND they don’t have to mess about with sellotape. So buy some economy tin foil and ignore your instincts to try and control the craziness!

Cooking and baking

Kids love to cook and whilst us mums find it a bit excruciating, mainly because of all the mess, it’s a worthwhile skill to help them learn. Minimise the mess by measuring out the ingredients into bowls before you start and then your child can just tip and stir, which is all they want to do anyway!


Whenever we get a delivery, my kids go mad for the bubblewrap. They lay it out like carpets and then take turns popping all the bubbles. It’s noisy but as activities go, at least it’s not messy!


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