24th March 2017

5 last minute Mother’s Day ideas to drop subtle hints about

There’s no harm in making the present-bestower aware of your deepest desires, with a bit of help from our friends at Ocado…

Your first Mother’s Day as a receiver rather than a giver can be a little anti-climactic, especially when your partner says things like “they’re a baby, they don’t know how to buy a card” (seriously, when will there be antenatal classes focused on teaching basic rules of parenting like “YOU HAVE TO BUY STUFF FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS AND PRETEND IT’S FROM THE KID”?).

But you’ve got to feel for the partner masquerading as a baby to show their gratitude to mummy – the list of presents that are genuinely appreciated by a new mum are quite slim. Chocolate is consumed on an hourly basis anyway, flowers are just another thing to keep alive, jewellery gets yanked at by tiny hands, clothes are a sore point when you’re still waiting for your body to “ping back” and posh toiletries are wasted on a woman who’s lucky to get a 13 second shower.

We’ve come up with a few things that even the most clueless Mother’s Day newbie should be able to rustle up under pressure. Tip to new mums: tag your partner in this on Facebook or, if you’re old school, print it out and throw it at them in a rage stick it on the fridge.


Getting to the supermarket with a baby can be fraught. There are nap schedules – and unscheduled naps – to contend with, feeding demands, expectations of wearing actual clothes and, in the very early days, car seat anxiety. It’s not glamorous, but getting the weekly shop done by someone else is a dream come true. Most new mums would be so grateful for an Ocado delivery (full of all the basic stuff you constantly run out of and a “few” treats) that they might actually allow someone other than the baby to give them a cuddle for the first time in months.


Again, it’s not glamorous, but what mums who have spent the past few weeks/months/years buried under baby paraphernalia really desire is a clean house. When you’ve just had a baby, you can just about get the essentials done (mainly the repeated washing of teeny tiny vests) but clean floors and dusted shelves become an abstract concept that neither the parent at home with the baby nor the one battling the outside world on zero sleep has time for. A one-off deep clean carried out by actual cleaning professionals would have most new mums weeping with gratitude. It would be extra thoughtful if any loud hoovering didn’t happen while the baby was sleeping, though (in fact it would be even more thoughtful to be taken out for the day while said cleaning was taking place).


As much as we adore our babies and could stare at their alien little faces all day (and night) long, the feeling of relief when your partner comes home and can hold them for a few minutes while you do a wee is like nothing else, and it’s sometimes hard to truly explain this to the person who actually gets to leave the house unencumbered by a tiny, squawking dependent. On Mother’s Day, most of us would actually like a few minutes off from being a mother – a long shower, even a bath, or just lying down completely motionless in a quiet room. And it’s free! Which means we’re going to want something else that cost actual money as well, FYI.


Look, we’ve just had a baby, so we’ve got wildly careering hormones and therefore our partner doing something cute with photos of the baby is an instant winner. Print some out, stick ‘em in a frame or in a book, write a cutesy pretend message from the baby – it doesn’t really matter, they’ll still have the same effect, but bonus points definitely go to partners who put a tiny bit of thought into it rather than, say, dashing into the office at 6am on a Sunday to make use of the colour printer and “regifting” a fugly frame that’s been languishing in the cupboard under the stairs. Because we’ll know. We always know.


Pretty obvious, this one, but all that stuff that’s just arrived from Ocado? Yep, somebody’s got to cook it. And that somebody is not called Mummy. While the idea of going out for a Mother’s Day meal is lovely, in reality, with a very new baby, it can be stressful. Not to mention expensive. Being cooked for is always delightful, but being cooked for and then being able to eat your food while it’s still warm because someone else is tending to the baby is the stuff of dark fantasies. Let’s make it happen.

This month we are working with Ocado to make sure all mums know that they are here to make your life easier. Click here to see their full range of Mother’s Day goodies.

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