15th July 2019

3 ways to be a more eco-friendly parent even if you’re really lazy

Look, it’s tough out there. We have nothing but admiration for mums who only use cloth nappies and dress their babies in the finest organic cotton, but we know it’s not realistic for everyone. However! You can ease your conscience a little with a few simple ways to be more eco…

Use washable wipes… sometimes

When you’ve got wet wipes everywhere, it’s so easy to default to them for absolutely everything: mopping up tea spillages, taking off your makeup (congrats on wearing makeup, btw) as well as their intended function of cleaning babies’ bits. But, why not try out using the reusable kind at home, and just use disposables when you’re out and about and don’t want to be wringing poo out of cloths? There are starter packs available so you don’t have to lay out loads of cash, plus there are even reusable nappy and wipe libraries popping up around the country, so you can try before you buy. Worth a crack, right? And yes, bum pum intended.

Share the love

Most newborns have more clothes than they can ever possibly wear, a mixture of hand me downs, presents and uber-cute things you’ve actually chosen and paid for with your own money. Of course, nobody would throw perfectly good clothes in the bin, but it’s easy for them to pile up and linger in the loft with vague intentions of taking them to the charity shop or saving them for the next baby when someone else could be making good use of them right now instead of shelling out for new ones. Make things sociable by arranging a meet-up with your mum mates where you swap clothes and other baby bits for stuff you actually need and like.

Borrow before you buy

The more plastic baby toys you buy, the more will be manufactured. But there are so many out there already in need of loving homes, and you can save yourself a lot of dollar too. Many towns have toy libraries (there are online versions too) where you can borrow everything from a little tea set to a Jumperoo, and it means your baby won’t get bored either. Plus charity shops usually have piles of baby toys going cheap, often in mint condition. You might just want to give them a good scrub down with those reusable wipes of yours…

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