11th July 2016

3 things to tell your toddler when you can’t face another second of Peppa Pig

How to avoid yet another day of Peppa on a loop… by Heidi Scrimgeour

I have a guilty secret: Peppa Pig gets way too much airtime in my house. What began as an ill-considered attempt to buy a few minutes’ peace from my inquisitive little companion’s endless stream of existential questions, has fast become an unhealthy habit. Ok, maybe even an addiction.

But since my daughter asks to watch Peppa Pig at least 17 times before breakfast (yes, I counted once…) I’ve consequently become adept at channeling her love for everyone’s favourite farm animal in an altogether less brain-numbing direction.

So, on the off-chance that I am not the only one to make this mistake, and other parents could use some distraction techniques to spare themselves the most annoying telly theme tune ever devised, here are my top tips for diverting your toddler’s gaze away from Peppa for at least five minutes…

Peppa’s gone to sleep

Stay with me now – I know this sounds unconvincing, and my toddler’s initial reaction certainly implied that she found the concept implausible. But for the next hour we played an elaborate game of tiptoeing around the house to avoid waking Peppa who was sleeping inside the telly. Yes, I felt silly and a little guilty but that soon passed. The only problem is that now she asks to play this for ten straight hours instead of watching telly.

The TV’s broken

It’s a dangerous one, this, but it had the advantage of buying my husband some serious respect. ‘Daddy fix it later’ was repeated ad nauseum until Daddy f-i-n-a-l-l-y came home from work, and when he did, our daughter literally cried with relief. Strange coincidence that all he had to do was pick up the TV remote and lo, the telly was fixed and Peppa was magically restored to us.

Let’s play Peppa and Mummy Pig

I’m not going to spoil this for you by telling you how it ended but suffice it to say that half an hour of watching your toddler re-enact her favourite episodes of Peppa might just be the best laugh you’ve had for months. You’ll have such a rush of happy hormones that not even another episode of Peppa will dampen your spirits.

If all else fails, try getting out of the house entirely to distract your little one from the lure of kids’ TV altogether. You could even try going on a Peppa hunt but don’t, as my husband once did, suggest looking for her in the cured meats section of your local supermarket…


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