1st May 2016

11 of the best perk me ups for mums

It doesn’t take much to turn a good day bad when you’re knee deep in motherhood, it can all very, very easily go wrong. But, and this is important, it CAN work the other way too. Here are some easy peasy ways to turn your day in to a great one and give you a boost. Happy mum = happy baby. By Susie Verrill

  1. Eat a breakfast that’s more than just toast. Come on, you can rustle up some eggs. You’ll feel far more energised knowing you’ve got something in you.
  2. Get your eyebrows done. Or at least pluck them yourself at home. Good brows, great day.
  3. Drop a friend a cheery text or silly gif/image. Even if it takes you another week to reply, you’ve clocked in, probably made your pal smile & it took you seconds.
  4. Got some nice matching underwear? Wear it! You’ll feel quietly good about yourself.
  5. Clear out that cluttered cupboard/dirty utility room/sticky drawer of crap where you throw all the electrical wires, tea lights & things your other half leaves lying around then asks you weeks later where on earth they’ve gone. You’ll feel super organised.
  6. Go for a jog (or a walk if the idea of jogging makes you feel as though you’d rather squat on glass). It’s great to get some fresh air, you can have a few minutes to totally switch off and you’ve done something non mama related.
  7. Throw on some tunes, be it the radio or an album you can’t stop listening to. Dance your pants off to release some tension and/or get your little one to boogie alone with you for something to do.
  8. Do something crafty with your child so you’ve got something to physically show for the day. No matter how blooming’ rubbish the creation is or how messy it leaves your house, you helped make it and got stuck in to having fun. You’ll feel swell in the evening knowing you created some good memories.
  9. Paint your toenails for the first time in 12 years.
  10. Google search something you know very little about. It may sound silly but you’ll feel like you’ve learned something new.
  11. Change one thing about your appearance which you’re normally set on. Wear your parting to one side, only ever wear black, never opt for heels… mix it up, you might realise you’ve been missing out.


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