10th April 2020

10 things that definitely count as breakfast

Because we know yoghurt and granola doesn’t happen every day…

Two teas and four biscuits

In quick succession. Or just one really giant mug.

Strong, black coffee

Gives you the kickstart you need and staves off your appetite until you can find some actual food.


Do your tooth-brushing afterwards if they’re cheese and sour chive.

Leftover dinner

Just check it’s not from too many dinners ago or you might be seeing it again a little sooner than planned.

A Kit Kat

Have a breakFAST, have a Kit Kat, right?

A piece of dry toast tucked into the hood of your buggy

Because you’re running late for rhyme time.


Well, duh. Bonus points if it has fruit in it.

A bowl of cereal balanced on the bum of a feeding/napping baby.

Except three minutes later you’ll be googling “how to get crunchy nut cornflake out of sleeping baby’s ear”.

A can of Diet Coke and one of those Eat Natural bars

A healthy balanced diet, corner shop style.


Baby cinema nourishes the mind and the body.

And one that doesn’t… 

Baby milk

Whether breast or formula, we really hope you don’t get this desperate.

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