19th April 2016

10 Gadgets Parents Could Totally Do With

Susie Verrill brings us the list of gadgets every parent would invent (if we had a minute’s peace to do so) (or the cash or the know how). We’re really hoping at least three of these are available to buy by the time we’re grandparents otherwise we’re using our own retirement money to get the ball rolling. 

– An app which could translate EXACTLY what your toddler’s saying. It sounds like doogah, but what does it really mean? Pass me the beaker? Stop dressing me in beige, people think I’m a girl?

– Some sort of mouth massager to ease your baby’s gnashers out with minimal fuss. Oh my GOODNESS, teething is no fun.

– A miniature zorb so your little one doesn’t fall over everything in the living room/bang their head on the coffee table for 23rd time today.

– Not a gadget as such but a mum and baby only train carriage wouldn’t go amiss. No cross humphs from strangers, just understanding fellow mamas.

– A robot for when your back has had enough of carrying your little one around in the sling. Having them so close is wonderful. Feeling as though you’re earning the back of a geriatric is not so much.

– Some sort of hat/bowl hybrid for your baby to wear so you don’t drop scrambled egg/porridge on their head while breastfeeding.

– Wipe clean baby grows. Because no matter what anyone says; after a particularly hefty poosplosion, the white’s never quite white enough.

– The second sock locater. The pair go in, only one comes out. Where do they go??

– Lazer surround highchair. Don’t worry, not scary, dangerous lazers… just one’s which zap any food scraps to fall out of reach.

– Built in nipple pad bras. Because the ones available at the moment are way too easily lost. Pop ‘em in your bra one minute and find one stuck to your mother in law’s handbag twenty minutes later (that actually happened).


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